Tow Truck of Callander

Tow Truck of Callander

Callander Bay is a stunning location.
With our mission, we hope to make a positive difference in the lives of people in our community by providing strong leadership and delivering inclusive and fiscally responsible services, all while preserving the distinctive characteristics that make Callander such a desirable place to live, work, and play.

Thank you for taking the time to visit the website of the Municipality of Callander! We appreciate your interest and hope that you will be able to find what you are searching for on our website. This website contains information about our municipality as well as the services it provides. The site is also meant to serve as an inspiration and to highlight the many appealing aspects of Callander. Residences and visitors to the neighborhood are surely drawn in by the community’s attractiveness and gorgeous setting, which is evident throughout the year. Callander, on the other hand, has a lot more to offer. Due to its rich and storied history, the town of Callander continues to cultivate a thriving and diversified cultural scene. People get together through recurrent community events, programs, and our various community organizations. There are several chances for involvement and a physically active lifestyle in the area. We urge you to browse this website and to take advantage of all that Callander has to offer. We look forward to seeing you soon!


The Callander Municipality Council is comprised of elected officials.

Tow Truck Of Callandar

Tow Truck of Callander

Communities – The town of Callander is located in the northeastern part of the municipality, on the eastern coast of Callander Bay. It is the administrative center of the municipality.

The rural population of Callander is concentrated around the south shore of Callander Bay and Lake Nipissing (southwest of the town). Highway 654 West serves as the main thoroughfare through the area. The towns of Wisawasa and Lighthouse Beach are included in this geographic region.

History – Callander Bay is an eroded Proterozoic volcanic pipe produced by a strong, supersonic eruption of a deep-origin volcano roughly 500 million years ago, which resulted in the erosion of the surrounding landscape. Ontario has eight recognized volcanic sites, including the Manitou Islands in North Bay, which are all located in the province.

Ojibwa and Algonquin people of Ojibwa and Algonquin heritage were the first people to settle in the Callander area, and they have been surrounding Lake Nipissing for approximately 9,400 years. Despite having been known by a variety of names throughout history, they are today referred to as the Nipissing First Nation. They are widely regarded as belonging to the Anishinaabe peoples, a grouping that also includes the Odaawaa, the Ojibwe, and the Algonquins.

During the French explorer Samuel de Champlain’s voyage to the New World in 1610, he sent a teenage apprentice, Étienne Brûlé, to live with the Huron people on Georgian Bay. By way of the La Vase River Portage (about 3 kilometers north of Callander), Brûlé found Lake Nipissing and developed an important fur trading route connecting the Ottawa River with the upper Great Lakes. Aside from Champlain, other explorers who utilized the La Vase Portage included Pierre Gaultier de Varennes, sieur de La Vérendrye (1731), Alexander Henry the elder (1761), and Sir Alexander MacKenzie (1802), who all made use of the route.

It was 1880 when George Morrison, a bookkeeper from Oxford County in Southern Ontario, traveled by oxcart from Muskoka to Lake Nipissing to complete his bookkeeping training. There, he constructed a raft and used it to transport his family and belongings across the lake to the south-east bay. Logging corporations had shown an interest in the plentiful Eastern White Pine that flourished in the vicinity, which had piqued their curiosity. His wife was the first white lady in the area, and he was one of the area’s early pioneers. On June 1, 1881, he built a Post Office in his general shop, which he called Callander in honor of his parents’ Scottish birthplace.

Among the lumber businesses that erected mills in Callander were the following:

  • J.R. Booth Lumber Company is a lumber company founded by J.R. Booth.
  • a subsidiary of the John B. Smith & Sons Lumber Company
  • Payette Lumber Company is a lumber company located in Payette, Idaho.
  • The Thomas Darling & Sons Lumber Company is a family-owned and operated business.
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Callander, ON

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